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Paper Crane Tattoo

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530 E. Broadway Ave. Long Beach , CA 90802
  (562) 999-1454


11am - 7pm
11am - 7pm
11am - 7pm
11am - 7pm
11am - 7pm


Paper Crane Studio is a Tattoo shop dedicated to cleanliness, customer service, quality, and long lasting relationships. The style focus of Paper Crane Studio is traditional Japanese and they are tattoo studio in Long Beach for this style of tattoo. MIKEY VIGILANTE, Senior Artist and owner of Paper Crane Studio, Mikey Vigilante is a dedicated student of the Arts. Mikey began his tattooing career as an apprentice at age 19 while taking time off from pursuing a formal art education from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since then Mikey has accumulated over 14 years of experience and has spent the greater portion of his career working in some of the most world-renowned tattoo studios. These include Kari Barba's Outer Limits on the Pike in Long Beach, Zulu Tattoo in Los Angeles, as well as Splash of Color in East Lansing, Michigan. When searching for that perfect tattoo design, Mikey V suggests to search inwardly first. Once you discover who you are, acknowledge how you came to be, and realize who you wish to become, it is much easier to choose the right subject for your design. Not sure of what to choose? Scheduling a consultation with Mikey would be a perfect opportunity to discuss the endless possibilities of design motifs. His study of classic Japanese art provides him with enough reference to form a rich tapestry of stories, legends and parables which reveal universal truths that are Shakespearean in depth and volume.

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